Friday, September 7, 2012

Settling In

Rob's back to school (although he hasn't had a full five day week yet) and we are settling into our new routine of me being at home with Caleb.

When I was working full-time, I felt like I couldn't stay on top of running our home effectively at all. The sink was constantly full of dirty dishes, the laundry pile just seemed to never end... let alone things like dusting our bedroom! I am starting to feel like I have gotten the house back to manageable, and in an effort of making things flow smoothly in the cleaning department, I am self-imposing a weekly schedule. We'll see how it goes!

If you'd like to join me, here's a free printable for you.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Pinterest Club

My new sister-in-law Andrea (she married Rob's brother Mike in the beginning of July) started a Pinterest Club and we had our first meeting a few Sunday afternoons ago. 5 girls, all addicted to Pinterest, got together to complete some projects we had pinned. We're going to meet the last Sunday of every month, and if you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see my "Pinterest Club" board for projects to be considered by the rest of the group. It was lots of fun, some tasty treats and really good fellowship!

This time, we attempted two projects - a doily-pressed dish and herb garden spoon markers. The spoons were challenging! We hammered the spoons down, then hammered the letters in... we got our workout that day, too, doing this project - who would have thought!?

It took about an hour to hammer the letters onto these three spoons! We all contributed spoons that we found at yard sales, Goodwill, and the dollar store, and someone purchased the letter stamps from Harbor Freight Tools for just $5. Now, I've just got to bring them out to the garden...

The second project was really fun and SO easy! We used Sculpey clay, pressed in a doily and rolled over it with a heavy marble rolling pin, and then shaped our dish around an oven-safe object and baked for 15 minutes. Then, we painted the clay! Mine was about 7 inches in diameter, because I wanted it to fit on my windowsill, but you could make these any size really.

I've been using mine on my window sill about my sink to hold my rings and watch when I am doing dishes. So pretty and useful, too.

Really looking forward to our next meeting! 

You can find instructions here and here