Our Home

Come on in and see our home and it's transformation in progress! Simply click on any picture to view a larger version.

the front
We love our stone home! When the weather turns warmer, we are planning to do some major landscaping and some exterior paint touch-ups.

the garage
We are fortunate to live on a corner lot, which means we're the only home in the neighborhood with a two car garage (which is really nice when it snows and rains!). The garage will need a major reorganization this spring. The upright refrigerator and freezer that we bought from the previous owner (the white appliances on the right-hand side of the garage) will soon find their home in the basement so that we can maximize our garage storage space.

the yard
Stunning views of a huge farm and corn. Enough said? Our half-acre lot is flat and promising for landscaping, garden and composting projects, and lots of backyard entertaining! The shed and tree mark the corner of our property to the left.

the porch
  We are lucky to have a large screened-in porch which overlooks the backyard, and have dreams of turning this space into a sunroom eventually.

the master bathroom
We have a pretty large bathroom, and have been using neutrals such as white and tan to balance out the pinkness of the sink, toilet and tub (hidden now by the shower curtain, even though we can't take a shower in there yet). We love the large sink, which makes it easy for one of us to shave while the other applies makeup in the morning... you guess who does which.

the office

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