Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be... our.... Guest!

Finally. We can finally have friends and family over and give them a comfortable place to rest their head in one cohesive space. It feels like it's been years in the making (even though we moved in to our home a little less than a year ago).

While I can't seem to dig up a before shot right now, when we moved in, the walls and all the trim in the room were pink. For the past nine months, we utilized the space pretty much as a dumping grounds for furniture that didn't fit in any other room, random decor, out-of-season clothes, etc.

Now the most modern room in our house, the furniture is not a random mish-mash, and the curtains and simplicity of the decor provide a really calming space... perfect for our guests!

The four poster bed frame was actually one that we had in our master bedroom, but we've recently inherited a king-size bed, and the black frame worked perfectly in our black and white scheme for the room. The windows face the street out front, and the curtains and sheers really bring not only a soft, luxurious feel to the room, but also bring very practical much-needed privacy. We also moved in the black dresser (the one that used to be teal) and kept the dresser, which was my first furniture painting project before heading off to life in my college apartment, originally given to me by my grandparents for my nursery/bedroom as a baby. It's still going strong! I love the Style&co shams, which somehow perfectly are the same hue as the wall color, which I found in a clearance bin at Macy's a few months back.

What do you think? Any artwork suggestions (I have one little project up my sleeve that I am hoping to complete and share soon)?  Want to come for a visit?


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  1. Looks wonderful! Makes me wish we had a guest room!