Monday, August 23, 2010

Photography: Walls Family, July 2010

Rob and I went to college with Jen & Tyler, and I was thrilled (and surprised, of course!) when Jen asked me to shoot a few photos of their happy family when they were visiting family and friends here in Pennsylvania this summer. It was so good to see them to catch up for a little, and it helped that their little guy, Ethan, loved the camera...

For my first family "photo shoot", and the 95+ degree weather on one of the most humid days in July, I was pretty pleased with the results (although I still have a ton to learn photo-wise)... and I hope Jen, Tyler and little Ethan are too! 


  1. LOVE THEM!!!! - jen :0)

  2. love love love. Katie you are so great! luv debers

  3. You did an awesome job, Katie. What adorable pictures!! Can you do a photo shoot of Noah one day? :-)