Thursday, November 4, 2010


Before I begin, sorry for the poor quality of this photo... iPhone. :)

OK. So I need your opinion. Based on all of the "potential move" of kitchen appliances I shared with you in my previous post, a few nights ago we were inspired I was inspired (so Rob was pretty much forced to help) to start demo-ing our kitchen. I like to call it test-demo. We took the countertop off of the small cabinet next to the stove in the photo above. Easy as pie. It was only held on with L-brackets and screws. I also peeled off the plastic toe-kick on the bottom of that cabinet, because that will eventually go before we repaint the cabinets. See the teal? That's what color the cabinets ORIGINALLY were before the cream color they are currently. Then we tried moving the stove over to the corner because the upper cabinet is higher and more equally proportioned to the dimensions of modern day stoves/ovens. We plan to purchase a new one. You can see why. (PS - don't look to closely at the dirt that was where the stove used to me or your gag reflex might kick in if you are anything like me). You can also see what the wall looks like underneath the laminate backsplash. Dark brown glue goop that is impossible to remove.

Oh, did I mention we're having house guests next weekend?

I guess we'll be eating out. I hope they don't mind.

So... we can't decide about the stove. Corner or back in the original location? HELP!


  1. I would think that food might splatter on the wall if the stove is in the corner. And do pot or pan handles hit the wall or is it far enough away? Would you ever think of installing a microwave above the stove? Tough decision...good luck!

  2. I had a stove against the wall at our first house and never liked it. I like having a little workspace to either side of the stove.

  3. Our stove is between a counter and a door (wall against stove). It does splatter on the wall, but is no harder to clean than a splattered counter. My pot handles are never a problem. I just put them all at an angle. I would think having the stove NOT next to the dishwasher would be a plus for 2 people working in a kitchen. And the high cabinets over there do make sense.