Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cold Therapy

It's here. The dreaded first cold (and hopefully only) of winter. And it's going around - praying I don't pass it along to Caleb or Rob, or anyone else for that matter.

So I spent much of the past weekend sneaking naps here and there, gargling with warm salt water, and spitting out mucus, and taking some tylenol for that nasal pressure headache that accompanies my colds. Gross, I know, but that's real life. I am also trying my best to stay hydrated. Lots of orange juice (empty starbucks cup is the evidence) and drinking green tea (antioxidants!). Haven't had a sip of coffee this week, and I miss it, but when I'm sick, drinking coffee just doesn't appeal to me very much. Kind of like all my morning sickness last winter, I suppose.

My goal for the weekend was to get down all my Christmas decorations and get the house in order, but none of that really happened. Oh well. There's always this coming weekend. And a 3-day weekend to boot! Yay!

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