Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beach Bums

After a few weeks of working at camp, we "ended" our summer with another trip - family vacation with Rob's parents and siblings to Ocean City, Maryland. Both of us grew up going to OC as kids, so it was fun to go for Caleb's first time! We did lots of sun-soaking, swimming, eating, biking, reading and playing games. 

On the last full day there, it was a little bit overcast and so there weren't as many people on the beach, and we got some pictures of Caleb, just a few days before his first birthday (Is my baby really turning one?!?)...

He's become quite the little ham recently. One night out to dinner, all of the wait staff were swooning over him. One waitress came up and said "I've just GOT to see these big blue eyes everyone is talking about!".

This week, we're in back-to-school (for Rob) mode and party prep mode (for Caleb and me).

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