Wednesday, August 29, 2012

snip, snip

The time had come. Too many strangers were mistaking my sweet little boy for a cute little girl. I know, it's the bright blue, big eyes. That, and the hair down over his ears, I suppose. And I don't really care what strangers think, but food was also getting stuck in his hair. And so the day before his first birthday, I attempted Caleb's first haircut - from the safety of my kitchen, and with the help of a dear friend!

Here's the before shot.

After gathering up the supplies - a comb, scissors, high chair, spray bottle with water, m&ms and sunglasses, I got started... for I knew I had a short window of time in which to complete the trim!

First cut down.... and maybe a little too far up... oh well!

He had just woken from a nap, and so was pretty happy - and the m&ms helped (his first taste of them, might I add). Here's the after, from behind... not TERrible.

And the sad, sad remnants...

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